New podcast: Give Us Work Not Dole Part 1

The first instalment of a special 3-part podcast exploring the November 1979 workers’ occupation of Liverpool’s Binns Road Meccano plant. The podcast is presented by labour historian Dr Greig Campbell and features a discussion with John Lynch and Frank Bloor, the two former shop stewards who spearheaded the 103-day long struggle for jobs. The research … Continued

New film from Open City on Marxist architecture in London

Open City has launched the first of a four part film series examining London’s architecture through the lens of Marxist theory, funded by the Amiel and Melburn Trust. Focussing on the idea of the ‘social condenser’, and centring around four key buildings, they will examine how architecture has the power to embed theory into tangible … Continued

Appointment of 2021-22 Research Fellow

Appointment of 2021-22 Research Fellow The Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust in partnership with the Article 11 Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of Rachel Currie as this year’s Research Fellow. Rachel will investigate the right to protest in the UK. This The Fellowship project will develop the evidence base and analysis to address three … Continued