Before applying to the Trust for funding, we recommend reading our FAQs.


How often does the Trust consider awards?
Applications for funding awards are considered twice a year at the January and July trustees meetings. Regular awards (up to £7,350) are considered at both meetings. Applications for major funding awards (over £7,350, and up to £15,750) are only considered once a year – at the January meeting. Shortlisted Major award applicants are then invited to interview before a final decision at the April trustees meeting. The Trust has recently introduced Urgent Small Awards. These are awards worth up to £500 for emergencies and are considered on a rolling basis.

When will I know when the Trust is open for applications?
The Trust normally opens for applications in May and November. The trust is open for applications when the Apply for an Award page is updated with a submission form. To stay up to date on all deadlines and news related to the Trust, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter.

I’m not sure whether to apply for a regular or major award. Can I apply for both?
In order to be considered for both a major and regular award, you would need to make two separate applications for each award type. These would naturally differ in scope and budget. It is not possible to be awarded both a regular and major award in one funding round so you should think carefully about which is most appropriate for your project. You should note that Major awards can only be applied for in our January funding round, but won’t be decided on by Trustees until the following April.

Can I make more than one application to the Trust in one year?
With the exception of Urgent Small Awards, yes, you can make more than one application in a year. There is no limit on the number of applications you can make to the Trust, but always pay close attention to ensuring your project is well matched to our objectives and priorities.

How long should I expect to hear back about an application for funding?
Usually, you should receive a confirmation email that we have received your application after the submission deadline. We will normally give you an idea about timelines in the email, but typically, applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application after the next trustees meeting. If for some reason you don’t hear from us, please email us at the address at the bottom of this page as soon as possible.

Can I get feedback on my unsuccessful application?
As a small Trust we do not have the resources to comment on individual applications, so we are unable to offer any further feedback.

I am also applying for funding elsewhere, will this affect my application with the trust?
No. We encourage applicants to seek other sources of funding and we would ask that you tell us which other funding sources you have sought for your project on the application form.

Who should I put down as a reference in my application form?
We are wanting to hear from people who know you / your organisation and your work and who can independently evaluate the merit of you receiving our support. It is not appropriate to include referees who are employed by you / your organisation or work very closely with you and are involved in your work / the project.

How much detail do I need to put into my application?
The amount of information we require on your application form varies according to the award you are applying for. The more clear information on the project you can provide the better, but please be mindful of the word count limits and please ensure your answers meet the criteria, paying particular attention to how your project aligns with the Trust’s objectives. We understand plans can change and don’t have to be fully formed so whilst not essential, a detailed and accurate budget is encouraged.

I want to make an Urgent Small Award. How soon will I hear back about my application?
Urgent Small Awards are quick turnaround applications of support worth up to £500 and applicants should expect to hear back within four weeks. Please note that you can only apply for an Urgent Small Award once in a year and these are to meet small expenses in a time of urgent need, so think carefully before making an application.

How do I know if my project is suitable for funding from the Trust?
Please read through webpages on our funding role and the Trust objectives. The Trust will give financial assistance to bodies or individuals for projects which it considers fall within the scope of the Trust’s objectives. Please bear in mind that the scope of our objectives includes all intellectual and social movements aiming to make modern societies non-exploitative and egalitarian, including but not limited to those focused on class, race, and equitable solutions to climate change, to name a few. Your project does not have to touch them all, but we’d like to understand how your work fits into our broader objectives.

Does the Trust support campaigning activity?
Due to our charitable status and remit for funding political education work, the Trust cannot fund campaigning activities of any kind.

Does the Trust accept applications from outside the UK?
The Trust primarily funds projects undertaken by people and institutions based in the UK. However, we occasionally make exceptions for projects outside of the UK which are strongly aligned with our objectives.

Does the Trust provide funding for postgraduate or undergraduate students?
The Trust does not award funds to: subsidise the continuation or running of university or college courses; cover transportation costs to or from conferences; or subsidise fees/maintenance for undergraduate or postgraduate students.