The Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust awards the Sam Aaronovitch Memorial Prize each year to an article in Local Economy which by both its quality and content best promotes the progressive values of LEPUs founder Sam Aaronovitch.

Click on the article titles below to view the prize winning papers.

Volume 32 2017: Mark Sandford

Volume 31 2016: John Diamond

Volume 30 2015: Alexander Nurse
Creating the north from the sum of its parts? Research questions to assess the Northern Powerhouse

Volume 29 2014: Alan Townsend and Tony Champion
The impact of recession on city regions: The British experience, 2008–2013

Volume 28 2013: Molly Scott Cato, Jan Myers and Steven Howlett
At the sharp end of the credit crisis: A profile of Valleys Credit Union

Volume 27 2012: David McGuinness, Paul Greenhalgh, Gill Davidson, Fred Robinson and Paul Braidford
Swimming against the tide: A study of a neighbourhood trying to rediscover its ‘reason for being’ – the case of South Bank, Redcar and Cleveland

Volume 26 2011: Matthew Flinders and David S Moon
The problem of letting go: The ‘Big Society’, accountable governance and ‘the curse of the decentralizing minister’

Volume 25 2010: James Derbyshire and Garry Haywood
Labour, The Enterprise Gap and The Red Queen, Derbyshire and Haywood

Volume 24 2009: Ines Newman
The Future of Local Development

Volume 23 2008: Alison Wolf, King’s College London Davidson
Round and round the houses: the Leitch Review of Skills

Volume 22 2007: Danny Dorling, Sheffield University
Inequalities in Britain 1997-2006: the Dream that Turned Pear-shaped

Volume 21 2005: Fred Robinson, Keith Shaw, and Gill Davidson
On the Side of the Angels’: Community Involvement in the Governance of Neighbourhood Renewal.

Volume 20 2002: Glyn Robbins
Taking Stock – Regeneration Programmes and Social Housing.

Volume 19 2001: John Diamond
Managing Change Or Coping With Conflict? – Mapping The Experience Of A Local Regeneration Partnership

Volume 18 2000: Christina Ashworth
Changing Cultures and Building Shared Ownership