The Trust is delighted to have supported the Decolonial Centre (DCC), a new initiative from the Pluto Educational Trust. The DCC is a digital platform that serves as both a forum for decolonial and anti-colonial thought and a space for political education. It distinguishes itself from other decolonial initiatives by its recognition that ‘decolonisation is not a metaphor’.

Through its encyclopaedia, which provides a comprehensive overview of colonialism from the perspectives of race, gender, economics, culture, and resistance, and its podcast, which amplifies the voices of anti-colonial and decolonial thinkers from around the world, particularly in the Global South, the DCC seeks to facilitate open discussions, collective action, and shared knowledge for those fighting for racial justice, climate justice, knowledge justice, and liberation from colonial legacies.

Listen to the pilot episode of the Decolonial Dialogues podcast or watch the video below, “Did Colonialism Shape Our World as We Know It?”, in which hosts Mohammed Elnaiem and Yasmin Carpenter introduce and explore the enduring impact of European colonialism.