The commission of an anthology of short stories re-imagining key moments of ‘people protest’ – with each story consulted on by a professional historian and accompanied by an ‘afterword’ by them.

Protest! will be a specially commissioned anthology of short stories (and afterwords) exploring ten pivotal moments of ‘popular resistance’ – protests which, in some small way, helped shaped modern Britain. Though ostensibly fictional (with regard to their main characters), these stories will be historically accurate in their backdrops (e.g. the events and circumstances leading up to each protest, the public figures involved, etc). This historical accuracy will be facilitated by each story being allocated an expert ‘consultant’ – an academic historian specialising in the protest in question (in three cases, the consultants chosen are also eye witnesses to the event). The consultants will advise on the historical context, provide authors with quick access to in-depth research, check the stories at a draft stage for historical accuracy, and finally write a short, accessible afterword introducing readers to some of the context behind the protest, and its long term consequences.